VRChat: Alexia 2.0 - Avatar 3.0 - DPS - Physbones - Contacts

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If you do not agree with the Terms of Use stated below then please do not use/buy this Product. By using/buying this Product you agree to the Terms of Use.

I hope you like it! :3

- Avatar 3.0
- Menu Toggles:
Head: Elf Ears, Switch Eye Texture, Ear Menu, Chaincollar, Horns, Blindfold, Face Mask
Ears Menu: Cat, Fennec, no ears
Upper Body: Tranparent Top Slider, Top, Outfit, Bikini, Fishnet, HandChain, Arm Accessory
Lower Body: Tail Menu, Wings
Tail Menu: Devil Tail, Fluffy Tail, No Tail, Tail Length Slider
Lewd Menu: PP, Dildo, Oriface Menu, Boobie Slider, Butt Slider, Whip, Whipsound
(you need the Penetration System to use it) Oriface Menu: Mouth, Right Hand, Left Hand, Breast, Ass, Vagina
Colors Menu: Rainbow Toggle, Change Color Slider, Body Texture Slider (4 Different Body Textures)
Locomotion Menu: WetCats/Gireisons Full Locomotion Menu
Spring-/Throwjoint Menu: https://applevr.gumroad.com/l/ApplesCSJ
Dynamics Menu: Boop, Headpat

- Penetration System Support
- Body as Oriface, belly will inflate when something enters it (*only Poiyomi Pro + Penetrations System Version*)
- Dissolve Effect for most Toggles
- using the newest poiyomi toon shader (faster uploads)
- WetCat's LocomotionFix

- FBX included
- FullBody Tracking
- Dynamic Bones for Breast, Chains, Tongue, Hair, Ears, Tail, Ass, etc.
- Colliders (Floor, Arms, Hips, Chest, Legs, Head, etc)
- 7 Gestures (You can activate the Fist animation with Fist + Trigger of the Controller)
(Left Controller+Trigger = Left Eye Blink / Right Controller+Trigger = Right Eye Blink)
- No Gesture overlapping
- clean/sorted Project

【Terms of Use】
By purchasing this item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of use.

This model is released under UV license.
This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms.
・Personal Use / Upload to VRChat as a private Avatar
・For Adults, Sexual Expressions Use
・For Adults, Violence Expressions Use

This data has the following special notes.

1. You are not allowed to take parts off the model to use on your own.
2. You cannot sell a model that has parts taken from the model.
3. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the model in any way.
4. You are not allowed to make your upload public.
5. You are not allowed to make edits of the model and upload it to your friends account.
6. You are not allowed to give out the package, model or any parts from the model. Personal use only!
7. You are not allowed to price split this model.
8. If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatars, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators stated.

For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL.

【Terms of Use changes for streamers and consumer using my models for streaming, videos, etc.】
By purchasing this item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of use.

1. Under no circumstances can the item be used for profit. This includes but not limited to; Com-missionary use, video, art and 3D printed products.
2. Under this terms of use you may use this avatar/3D asset for streaming, however you must put accreditation to "https://nachoo.gumroad.com/" in your description or biography on your channel. Failure to do so will result in a ToS violation and subject to copyright infringement.
3. Under no circumstances can this model be used for blockchain/NFT purchases or works.
4. Under no circumstances can this item be used for public avatar worlds in VRChat or any virtual reality game that includes the option for public avatar worlds.
5. Under no circumstances are you to port onto any game that you plan to profit from. I.E: a video game you are making

Failure to adhere to terms of use will result in fines and legal action. You may be asked to cease and removal as well.

This applies to all my avatars.

Tutorial how to use it:

1. Download/Open VRChat Creator Companion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtJfmy8_6l4)
2. Create a new Project
3. Select "Avatars" as a new Project
4. Give it a Project Name
5. Give it a Project Location
6. Press "Create Project"
7. Press "Open Project"
8. Import the newest Poiyomi Shader (Pro/Patreon (prefered) or Free Version)
(8.5 If you want to use DPS - Import the DPS Unitypackage by Raliv)
9. Import my Avatar Unitypackage
10. Find the Scene called "Open Me" and double click it to open the Scene
11. On the Top: VRChat SDK -> Show Build Control Panel and Log In
12. Click at the avatar on the left side -> on the right side of your screen in the pipeline manager script -> press „detach“ to detach the blueprint id
13. Press "Build and Publish" in the VRC Control Panel
14. Give the avatar a name and upload it as an private Avatar
15. Join my server to get the Buyer role to attend at giveaways etc. :3 https://discord.gg/RisingSky

You can message me on Discord or join my server if you have any questions! :3 (Nacho_#0001)

Head: https://godfall.club/
Body: https://gumroad.com/pandaabear - Credit to itzq for creating Penetration System Blendshapes for this Base
Hair: https://zinpia.gumroad.com
Thigh Highs: https://gumroad.com/lennx
Stockings: https://gumroad.com/inkypot
Bikini: https://gumroad.com/itzq
Top: https://whituu.gumroad.com
Outfit: https://flexuh.gumroad.com
Wings, Horns and Demontail: https://gumroad.com/wolfsden3d
Blindfold: https://gumroad.com/berryvee
Mask: Cupkake#6666 - https://discord.gg/HrmJCQrJ6P Nitro Asset
Hand Chains: https://gumroad.com/berryvee
Collar: WetCat - https://gumroad.com/wetcat
Ears: WetCat - https://gumroad.com/wetcat
Tail: WetCat - https://gumroad.com/wetcat
Whip: https://axphy.gumroad.com
Springjoint: https://applevr.gumroad.com/l/ApplesCSJ
Extra: Babygirl Ahri Tongue
Avatar Dynamics (Boop, Headpat): https://rafacasari.gumroad.com/l/basicdynamics
Organizing Feature because lazy: https://rafacasari.gumroad.com/l/av3creator
Body Textures and Masks:

Discord: nacho_

© Copyright Nacho_. All Right Reserved.
Copyright Protected with www.ProtectMyWork.com,
Reference Number: 15106080921S072

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FBX + Materials + Textures + Prefab + Scene + Animations


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VRChat: Alexia 2.0 - Avatar 3.0 - DPS - Physbones - Contacts

66 ratings
I want this!